Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Germinating old seeds

Hands up if you've got out of date seeds stashed away in a drawer that you forgot about? I'll raise both hands to that, and both feet too!

As we start 2015, I'm starting to rummage around for left over seeds from last year. I've got plenty from 2014 and 2013... plus a few from 2010, a bit soft and probably ready to be binned but there's an assortment of seeds that 'could' still germinate. Perhaps.

What about 30 year old seeds instead? Could they germinate? This is what a friend of mine found at her parent's house recently. Sutton's Nantes Champion Scarlet Horn Carrots - Grow by 1984! Personally I'm not too hopeful but a good soaking and 2-3 weeks wait could bring a 30 year old carrot variety back to life? Maybe....just maybe?

Wishing my friend and her mum the best of luck in resurrecting these seeds. I'll be interested to see if they do actually grow!

What's the oldest seed you have ever germinated?

Photos, with kind permission from Harriet Stott (and her mum, Rosemary!)

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