Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book signing by Kay Sexton

Earlier in the month I met Kay Sexton, writer of Minding my Peas and Carrots, in one of my favourite shops, White Stuff. She was there to promote her new book with a signing and to demonstrate some fantastic ways to use White Stuff paper bags as part of your harvesting and gardening. We chatted for a good 90 minutes about allotments and she was kind enough to give me some of her own seeds as well. (Wild Garlic and Dill)

I haven't finished reading the book yet but it's all about Kay's allotment experiences which have left me nodding and laughing from page to page. She also adds in recipes between chapters that go beyond most kitchen garden recipe books into practical and tasty dishes that are easy to make from your produce. 

I enjoyed the first few pages so much that I also had a book signed for Karl now that he has a plot over in Pontcanna (west side of Cardiff). 

With special thanks to Kay for signing my book and for the wonderful chat we had about our 'other halves' not understanding why our veggies don't look the same as in the supermarket! 

Sausage-shaped pumpkins indeed! 

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