Friday, March 21, 2014

Allotment Plan 2014

It's coming up for planting season so I've put together a brand-spanking new allotment plan for 2014. I'm not entirely convinced that I'll get everything planted in this drawing (strawberries are looking unlikely due to the perennial weeds creeping up) but it's a rough guide for this year. 

Due to Spring being more punctual this year I managed to get 50 broad bean seeds sown of the Witkiem variety in the new large bed. I don't think I have planted this many broad beans before so it will be an experiment. I've also got Sarpo Mira spuds again as they were pretty good in 2012 and had a lovely flavour (plus they're not prone to blight). They are currently 'chitting' by the lounge window at home. 

I've also got 3 varieties of courgette as they always seem to do so well. I've got ball, yellow and regular courgette seeds. I've also got butternut squash seeds that need to be planted so I'll be sticking those in wherever they will fit. They tend to sprawl anyway so I'm happy for them to do that.  I haven't decided on the mange tout or other beans seeds yet but I have some leftovers from last year so I'll probably finish those off. 

I've also gone for a new logo for The Dig Issue - a rather playful typeface called Festivo that reflects my chaotic gardening style! I've also used the typeface for my new plan below. 

Allotment Plan 2014


Terry Morrell said...

hi just discovered your lovely blog. Going to enjoy looking through the archives. I'm over at Castleton Grow Your Own plots (Near the now burnt down Blooms Garden centre). Anyway, we have spare plots if people are looking for a plot. See for details.

Nicole Rugman said...

Thank you for the kind words Terry - glad you're enjoying the blog! Hope you get some interest for the land! Always good to hear of new plots springing up! :)

Kay Sexton said...

Hi Nicole, great to meet you on Tuesday and nice to catch up with your allotment blog!

Nicole Rugman said...

Lovely to meet you too Kay - thank you for popping by on the blog too! Looking forward to making good use from the White Stuff bags! :)