Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 was the second wettest year - official!

Today the BBC are reporting that 2012 was the second wettest year on record in the UK*. You ain't kidding!!

This year has been possibly? no, definitely the worst year for allotment gardening. I successfully grew some early peas, rhubarb and some round courgettes but that's about it! Everything else has rotted. In fact, I haven't seen the allotment since September as it's been THAT bad. Plus I only wrote 6 blog posts last year!

I received my allotment tenancy renewal last week and I'm wondering if the plot is still there? It might have slipped off the face of the planet for all I know? Nice weather for ducks but horrible for vegetables. I am dreading my first plot visit of 2013 but hopefully I'll bump into some fellow allotmenteers and report back on their experiences too.

There was a positive to 2012 though, one of my blogging buddies, Matt, made a lovely courgette gratin from my yellow round courgettes. I'm definitely giving these another grow in 2013!
You can try his recipe here:

*(According to the Telegraph, Wales was the 3rd wettest) 


Anonymous said...

2012 was certainly wet and not enjoyable from a gardening point of view. I never believe a lot of statistics especially from the BBC. Anyway here in Somerset, we had 280% more rain than the "norm" in November alone.

Nicole said...

Well, I'm sure all statistics are inflated to a degree (hence why I quoted a few sources) but I think us gardeners can agree - it's been more than a bit squishy last year! :))

Nicole said...

...well, 2 sources actually! Maybe I should add another? :D

Charlotte said...

Ditto with not visiting since September. After having my plot looted at the end of last summer, I was a bit downheartened - then as you so rightly say the weather hasn't exactly encouraged days at the plot.
Don't give up though!

Nicole said...

Thank you Charlotte Garden. I'll try to not be completely disheartened by the state of the allotment but I'm willing to bet its not in the best shape right now. If it's not soggy it's freezing cold and snowing! Can't win! :(