Sunday, May 06, 2012

Allotment Layout 2012

It's taken me a couple of months to sort out my final allotment layout for 2012 but it's completed at last.

I'm sticking to my usual veggies this year with a couple of extra fun plants to see how they get on. I have a yellow ball courgette to try out and some Jerusalem Artichokes that my neighbour gave me. I have included Sarpo Mira spuds again this year as we didn't benefit from the ones that we planted last year. (Dave went over them with the strimmer by accident!) They're blight-resistant and unattractive to slugs so fingers crossed they do well. I have 12 tubers but I may also get some late cropping varieties if I have some room left.

The general plan is to put all delicate plants on the raised beds (beans, peas etc) and the hardy sprawling plants on the ground (potatoes, squashes...)

I have bags of seeds that haven't been used from last year so if I find some random space I will be sticking them in where suitable. Otherwise they're heading for the compost bin as they won't germinate. It's amazing how much excess you get each year. I need a bed just for "left over" seeds.

The raised beds have been lined and filled with more soil right to the top - they look fantastic!! Tempted to get the other side of the allotment done for next year as they look so good.

So far, the first batch of broad beans are in. They have been transplanted twice from the raised beds being made but they seem okay. I'm going to plant a second batch at home. The potatoes and jerusalem artichokes are next once I have dug over the ground beds again. Still plenty of couch grass to dig up.

I also cleared out some space in the green house so that the occupants of Plot 21B have somewhere to put their tools. A mouse jumped out of a bucket which scared the living daylights out of me whilst I was moving stuff around. Eek!

Just hoping the weather stays dry for more than 2 days to get the beds completed. Everything is still very wet and more rain is coming on Bank Holiday Monday. :(

Allotment Layout Plan 2012