Monday, April 30, 2012

New beds!

You wouldn't believe we had a heatwave in March would you? Droughts have been issued in certain parts of England despite much of the UK hiding under pure grey cloud. It's practically impossible to do anything with the relentless rain we have had for the last couple of weeks. Storms have brought down trees in the local area and my compost bin managed to fly about 20 ft down the plot. The greenhouse is just about holding itself together but it's far from watertight. The plot is one long squelchy bog.

I have, however, had a little help this year with a new raised bed system that has been installed on one side of the plot. It's not quite completed but I am mightily impressed by what has been built so far. I've had to move some plants in anticipation of some wonderful new fresh soil that will be delivered fairly soon. More details on this in my next blog post. :)

I've ordered most of my seeds for this year and the plot layout plan for 2012 is nearly finished. Just a couple more tweaks and I'll upload it for viewing. Having half a plot means that I have to be strict about where everything goes but I hope that this also means that I will be neater with my planting too. The new bed system should help with this.

Here's a picture of the plot so far, the beds should be cleared of rotten wood and fresh soil added in the next week or so. Very excited about my plot this year! Rhubarb already looking very tasty!!

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