Sunday, March 04, 2012

Winter Clearing

We had a significantly milder winter this year with a minimal sprinkling of the white stuff in December. Last year's bitter weather didn't kill off the blight so I fully expect tomatoes to be a no-grow area again this year. Shame.

The plot hasn't been particularly frozen or water-logged (so far) so it has been fairly easy to dig. The couch grass has taken over unfortunately so that has been testing my back this month. Trying to find where the paths were??

The strawberries have been particularly tricky as well, they decided to grow on the concrete?! I tried to control the new runners last year but it was near impossible so they are in a bit of a tangle now. Will need to net them from the birds this year as they had a feast last summer.

I also dug the brassica patch where the kale and cabbages were growing. They both grew really well but the slugs had a feast on the cabbages which was annoying. I know the soil is perfect for them but I have to booby trap each plant to get anything close to a non-nibbled brassica. Planting cabbages are a 'maybe' this year.

My neighbour kindly gave me some Jerusalem Artichokes to grow as well so I dug over the bed by the greenhouse. Think I will make the bottom end of the plot potatoes and roots as the soil is quite deep there.

I also have new neighbours at the back of the plot. I am now Plot 21A and the back is 21B. A family are now working the land at the back and are making good progress in turning the soil over. This makes managing the allotment so much easier for me as I have half the land to manage and at half the cost.

Compost Bin area cleared and covered

First bed cleared

Strawberries tamed - sort of!

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Rooko said...

Nice progress so far, lets hope the weather stays warm & sunny.