Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharing the plot

Over the past 6 years the plot has been shared by Karl, Dave and myself. It's been thoroughly enjoyable but unfortunately the last two years have been particularly difficult as Karl bought a house far away from the plot and Dave is looking to do the same this year having got married in 2010. This means that I have been struggling to manage 8 x 25 sq metres on my own and it's impossible to find the time to look after that amount of land.
So, when the renewal came through I wasn't sure what to do.

I went to the plot on Sunday to have a look around and decide the fate of my hobby. I pottered around the greenhouse sorting through tools and rubbish and nearly jumped through the roof when a rodent jumped out of a box! Whilst there I bumped into Sheila, a face everyone knows on the plot and an excellent gardener. I explained my situation and she sympathised.

"Don't leave", she said, "I would miss you terribly".
(Well that was a lump to my throat!) "Why don't you share it and cut the cost as well?"

Sound advice I thought and Sheila kindly spoke to the committee to help me find a plot sharer. I've just sent off the forms to share the plot so we will see what happens. I'm a bit nervous about having a new plot partner but hopefully it will be okay. I'll keep the front half and they can have the back half. I just can't manage both unfortunately.

Greenhouse/Shed needs clearing out to share but I can do that within a couple of hours. I just hope the mouse/rat isn't in there any more!!

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