Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slug Destruction

My recent trips to the allotment have resulted in finding the biggest and slimiest slugs EVER! I think August is the time they decide to stuff their slimy faces with whatever is left on the plot. Since all the rain, they have just turned into monsters! They turned my cabbages into lace and have been climbing up my bean poles for the most tender beans, I even slid on one en route to the greenhouse! They are seriously massive now and are everywhere!!

But, despite their disgusting persona, they do make me laugh when the Guardian run stories like the one below. Very, very entertaining!

Slug brings Darlington traffic to a halt 

Not only eaten but pooped all over my brassicas!

I had to use gloves, they were seriously slimy!!


Grainy said...

I am hating these guys too. I had to kill some fat ones today! I've been keeping a tally of how many I get rid of in my garden, perhaps one day I'll make a bar chart of the slug death toll!

Shaheen said...

eek eek eek - with the rain comes the slugs! EEEEEK