Saturday, June 25, 2011

Growing in small spaces

Before all the recent rain came along, I was at Karl's house for a BBQ in early June. Since he bought a house it has been difficult for him to get to the allotment so he tends to grow veggies from home in his petite garden. It's actually quite an achievement considering how much space he has to work with. It is a very cute little garden and he uses every inch wherever he can. Karl used to drive me potty with his haphazard planting in the early allotment days but now he has a space that has to be meticulously planned and organised each year. It is impressive how he manages it all.

Karl's garden consists of two decent sized bricked beds, one raised smaller bricked bed and a patio floor. He experimented with square foot gardening last year where he grew something different within 1 square foot in a bed but I think this received mixed results. See

This year he has mostly grown tomatoes in the larger beds and made good use of sturdy sacks and troughs for smaller plants. He is growing asparagus successfully from a large black pot (a plant that was very difficult to grow on the allotment) and he is training peas up a spiral support. The herb sack is especially well made with little pockets of thyme varieties. You can find strawberries growing in little planters alongside the bed walls and random pots of prepared seeds ready to pop up over the summer. Even the smallest corner is a home for the humble watering can.

I adore the homemade look to people's gardens. There is so much more personality in a back garden than an allotment as you can truly put your stamp on it. I love the personal touches of lanterns, baskets and tealight holders that are interspersed amongst the plants at Karl's. It is a very thoughtful and snug kitchen garden.

Potatoes in sacks
Fig tree and spiral growing peas
Herb sack
Hidden watering can storage
Tomatoes and strawberries
Lanterns, candles and baskets
*I'm sure Karl will correct me on some of the above information but this is just my observation.


Lucie said...

Hey! Nice blog! I'm impressed by the space optimization in this garden!

Nicole said...

Glad you like! Yes, Karl has gone from allotment to just a few square feet but he has done a wonderful job with what he has. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic, it's cool to see the garden how it was back when everything was still petite; you should see it now! The tomatoes are doing really well, with flowers in front and the odd giant sunflower poking through, and nasturtium rambling through the taller stuff (I can't those tinkles to turn red though!). The path between the beds is now a tunnel of 8th canes rising from either side, covered in runner beans:)