Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Potato Drama

Unfortunately we had a potato misunderstanding on the allotment this past week. Dave noticed that one rogue tomato plant had got blight so he pulled it up... and all the potatoes. (noooooooo!)

He didn't realise that they were a disease-free variety and now we have around 20 Kg of potatoes to store! I admit that I wasn't best pleased by his actions at the time but I've calmed down and I am now rapidly trying to think of an assortment of ways to store/use the spuds. They are an impressive crop tho. Some of them are HUGE! One measured nearly 6 inches wide! (I gave it away to a mate)
Plus they taste fantastic. :)

I am definitely doing spuds again next year. So basic but so satisfying.

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Crunchy carrots!

Despite having a very absent August I have managed a trip up to grab some produce before the slugs take notice or the courgettes turn into marrows! (Admittedly we have thrown into the compost bin the biggest courgettes you have ever seen! I doubt they would fit in the oven!)

The carrots have been particularly good this year however. I chopped them up to have with hummus. Delicious! I am definitely going to grow more next year.

The funny thing about allotments is that it takes a few years to work out how much of everything you want to grow and even then you cannot guarantee the correct sized crop. I planted 25 sweetcorn plants this year and only 5 came up! However, I planted 12 climbing French bean plants and got waaaay too many. A ridiculous bumper crop - I couldn't get rid of them to neighbours and friends quick enough!

Can't win! :)

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