Sunday, August 29, 2010

Away from the plot

Unfortunately I managed to crash my car on the 9th August and it had to be scrapped so I have not visited the allotment for nearly 3 weeks!! Dave has been busy tidying up the paths in my absence so hopefully everything is still okay up there apart from perhaps a lot of overgrown beans and courgettes!!
It has been really wet weather over the last week so it is probably rather boggy at the moment too.

Back at home, my chillies and peppers are sprouting beautifully so I will post some photos of those soon. I think a few chilli dishes will be on the menu for Autumn!

I should be getting a car this weekend so I hope to be back on the plot this week. I have lots of catching up to do!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The plot opposite mine is completely overgrown and I tend to use it as a parking space. However, it was recently discovered that some wild raspberries have been hiding at the back of the plot which is soon to be massacred/strimmed by the council!
With some help I managed to grab 6 plants and make some space behind the greenhouse for the plants. I'll cover these up next year with some industrial netting to keep those annoying birds off!!
Hoping to get some time this weekend to dig back a bit more and maybe plant some more round the side.
Rather excited about having some fresh raspberries next year!! Yeay!!

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Squishy Beans

You may remember that I posted some images of some rather squishy beans last month. I have researched like crazy and I still have no clue as to why my beans went black in their pods. I can only assume that something wasn't right with the soil nutrients as I have eliminated various root diseases, blackfly, and tell-tale leaf issues and I'm still clueless! Perhaps I should ask Gardener's Question Time?
I think it is time to stop growing broad beans for a while.

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Lots of produce!

I have had quite a good batch of produce this year despite a couple of hiccups. I got 2 batches of broad beans before they went mysteriously squishy and a good crop of red currants after the birds did their best to destroy my plants. Evil creatures.
Here are some photos of various peas, beans, carrots and currants that I have enjoyed so far this year.

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Allotment Exhibition in Cardiff

Betina Skovbro is a freelance photographer who embarks on different photography projects in and around Cardiff each year. This year she focused on allotment holders and has an exhibition at St Fagans Museum until October 2010. A good way to have a sneak peak at all allotments around Cardiff!

More details can be found here:

There is also a photographic exhibition running in August at the Waterloo Tea Gardens in Pen-y-lan. (Probably the best Tearoom in Cardiff! Grab a pot and a homemade cake there - it's fab!)