Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Started growing in 2010!

So here we are in 2010 for the 5th planting season on the plot! The 6th year if we count Karl and Dave's first year.

I have gone back to growing spuds again. I have gone for a blight-free variety however from Thompson & Morgan called Cara. They seem to be growing very well so hopefully there will be some spuds come July?

I have also gone bonkers for peas this year. Dave claims he has no luck with them so I'm hoping my Mange Tout success will rub off onto the common Kelvedon Wonder. Think I might have planted too many!!

My broad beans seem to be doing okay too. I feel like the nit nurse examining the tips for black fly before pulling them out. It really works tho! They are just starting to flower.

Sage has flowered like crazy (not sure what to do about that?) and I've plonked in some coriander seeds in the herb bed to see how well they do. So far - so good.

We have already pulled up most of the rhubarb which has been amazing as usual. Splitting it up has been very beneficial. Think you have to treat it quite roughly to yield a good crop. We didn't force it but we got amazing bright red stems. Lovely.

I've just put in 3 courgette plants under cloches and I'm planning on doing a fair few sweetcorn plants either today or next week. Funnily enough - I haven't done any runner beans yet. Time is tight but I have until July to get my bum in gear and dig a patch for them. The allotment plan hasn't quite gone to er... plan! but everything seems to be going quite well.

On a technical note - I'm giving the BlogPress App a go so that I can blog from the plot. I'm just so tired from digging some days that I can't bring myself to upload photos. This is an experiment to see how well it works before I decide to move the blog to another domain/server. If it works well I will save myself the headache of transferring my blog somewhere else.

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