Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cherry Trees

First of all - yes I know I haven't posted in a while. My fault entirely but I hope to eventually move this blog over to a new domain and host it from something different than Blogger so I can redesign it. The allotment IS still on the go, I just haven't documented it like I should. A new plan for 2010 and the summer photos will be uploaded as soon as pos!

The main reason for my very late but latest post is the news today about cherry trees. Apparently the Natural History Museum are looking for people to survey where local cherry trees are growing to create a map of where they thrive the most. We have a lovely cherry tree at the end of the plot so I'll probably register that. Plus our lovely local, The Albany Hotel Pub, has some rather enormous cherry trees in their beer garden so it might be worth noting them too.

If you have a cherry tree and want to register its location online for their studies, have a look at:

I still live in hope that I will get to taste a fresh red cherry from our own tree before the birds have them all...again. *sigh!*


Greenmantle said...

The cherry blossom is at least a month late round here. As is everthing else, except the weeds!

I finally have new plot at last, after nearly 3 years, and "Dig for Victory" lives again!

wellrooted said...

Hi, we have been following your blog for a while now. Really enjoying it. Don't supose you would like to trade blogrolls with us?