Saturday, September 05, 2009

2009 Summary

Over the past 4 years we have learnt so much about growing produce and how best to organise a huge 6 perch plot. Here's a run down on what we should and shouldn't do for 2010.

  • Don't plant too many beans. There is always too many.
  • Trim the grass regularly - it takes over plotting land within days.
  • Squashes need a LOT of room. More than you think.
  • Keep the greenhouse/shed organised. We always loose the scissors.
  • Don't try and dig the land after a long dry/warm spell. It's like digging rock! It needs some water retention to keep it crumbly.
  • Pinch out broad bean tips as soon as ants start making a huge appearance on them. Ants farm the blackfly for sugary secretions. Also spray with washing up liquid and water regularly. (They need babysitting)
  • Comfrey is a pain in the arse and grows within 2/3 weeks to a monster size. Plant it where it won't bother other produce. Handy for fertiliser but it STINKS!
  • Net any fruit in a cage. Birds will stamp on your plants and rip them to shreds if they can reach any of your fruit. Also net seedlings.
  • You will not win the war against bind weed/mares tail, couch grass without using chemicals. You can only control it organically to a degree.
  • Blight will come back the following year once you've had it. Your neighbours will probably have it too. Buy disease-resistant seeds early in the year before they run out in the shops and online.
  • Get a mattock - it's the most awesome tool I have come across.
  • Shop at Wilkos, Home Bargains and Lidl for tools/seeds/pots etc. The best value around! (10p for a pot saucer in Home Bargains)
  • Always buy stainless steel tools. You won't regret it. (Wilkos)
  • Grow salads and herbs at home in boxes or tubs. Far easier to look after.
  • Dig the land for planting in late summer for the following year. You can guarantee it will be too wet/cold to prepare a lot of beds before April. Cover all unused beds with weed control cloth/plastic over winter.
  •  Feed chillies/peppers/tomatoes. They need it.

What is 6 perches?

Perch: A linear or square rod, a linear measure, esp. for land, equal to 5 1/2 yards (approximately 5.029 m), (also square rod) a square measure, esp. for land, equal to 160th of an acre or 30 1/4 square yards (approximately 25.29 sq m)

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