Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Time

Unfortunately we ended up being the victims of blight this year - the soggy end to summer pretty much destroyed all of the tomatoes and potatoes. Very sad and frustrating. We weren't alone tho - many of the other allotmenteers have suffered as well with most vegetables seeing a squishy end. We've lost the herb bed to couch grass which will have to be cut back vigorously and the sweetcorn has been eaten by rats. We even found a dead rodent on our brussel sprout patch! Is there no end to our battle with nature?

Strawberry patch sending out runners
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Looking towards the back of the plot
All of our sweetcorn got nibbled!!
New tubs for compost and bins
The start of a new raised bed!!
Strawberries in pots
HUGE bean tower!
2 Compost Bins
The problem with rats and their love of our sweetcorn!! Grrr!!
Brussel Sprouts!
Blight ridden potatoes! :(
Tomatoes and potatoes ruined by blight
I do have some revenge tho! Slug Kebabs!!

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