Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heat Wave! (In May?)

We had a mini heatwave this week which meant that we were suffering a bit trying to dig, build and plant stuff! Me and Dave managed to erect some sort of shelter but it didn't last long with the mild breeze! A gazebo would be better suited!
I did, however, get most of my plants into the ground and do a bit of digging. (Although the guys did most of this!) Fabulous weather but you can't help but think that's our summer over and done with in May??! I hope not!!
Desperate times - desperate measures. Our rubbish heat shelter!
Dave in his hijab!
Dave on the beers....alcoholic!!
Mange Tout
Karl on bean pole duty
Sugar Snaps

Strawberry flower!
Handy boxes for spuds and strawberries!

Une asparagus...we thought they were dead!!

As usual, I've planted too many tomato plants so I've brought 3 into work. I can nibble on cherry tomatoes throughout the day...if they flower?

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