Monday, May 26, 2008

Dr Who on the allotment?

Back in November there was a notice on the allotment board about filming on the plots over a couple of days. I didn't really think about it but assumed it was Dr Who or Torchwood as they are very much Welsh based. Well, I looked at the newsletter for our allotment online today and found out that they did indeed film for Dr Who and I found the name of the episode as well.
I even found the clip!

For any allotment and Dr Who fan, here's the links:

YouTube Clip (3:30 Mins in): Click Here
Dr Who Locations: Click Here

The episode was broadcast on the 5th April 2008.

Friday, May 23, 2008

What's that smell?

I forgot to mention that we have recently made some Comfrey fertiliser by hacking up half the Comfrey and bunging it in a bucket of water for a few weeks.
It STINKS! (Really Badly!)

It honks to high heaven and that can only mean that the plants will love it. Lets face it - they love poo!
It has started to rot down now so it doesn't smell quite so offensively but it's certainly up there will fresh baby poo for a real hum in the air. Eugh!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Remember that blue-ish egg we accidentally smashed up whilst digging. The one that was buried in the soil? Well... we found another one! But this time it's a whole egg and it's huge!
We think it's a swan's egg now as I can't see a duck passing anything quite so big and geese eggs look different. I've seen some pictures of swan eggs online so I reckon it's one of those. The lake near by has lots of swans, ducks and geese so I think Mr Foxy has been pinching them and burying them in our plot. Explains why so much has been dug up over night - including our strawberries! Grr!
Ginormous egg!

Pretty tho - but what can we do with it?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heat Wave! (In May?)

We had a mini heatwave this week which meant that we were suffering a bit trying to dig, build and plant stuff! Me and Dave managed to erect some sort of shelter but it didn't last long with the mild breeze! A gazebo would be better suited!
I did, however, get most of my plants into the ground and do a bit of digging. (Although the guys did most of this!) Fabulous weather but you can't help but think that's our summer over and done with in May??! I hope not!!
Desperate times - desperate measures. Our rubbish heat shelter!
Dave in his hijab!
Dave on the beers....alcoholic!!
Mange Tout
Karl on bean pole duty
Sugar Snaps

Strawberry flower!
Handy boxes for spuds and strawberries!

Une asparagus...we thought they were dead!!

As usual, I've planted too many tomato plants so I've brought 3 into work. I can nibble on cherry tomatoes throughout the day...if they flower?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Quick trip up and another rainbow!

Me and Dave had a brief trip to the plot to have a nosey around and check that nothing had been eaten or dug up by slugs or foxes. For some bizarre reason some foxes have take to digging up our strawberries in raised beds??!! Silly animals.
We had another gorgeous rainbow which made up for the crappy rain shower that took us by surprise.

Nicola New Potatoes popping up
Klevedon Wonder peas climbing up
Sitting area