Monday, April 21, 2008

Tidying up

We finally fixed the greenhouse with extra screws to be double sure it was secure and water tight. We were going to use a sealant but decided that the polycarbonate would be secure enough as they were a fairly tight fit. It looks very good now and we're rather proud. :)
Me and Dave managed to shift the awful metal and glass frames which have littered the plot for years to the bottom of the allotments for scrap metal. There's a lot of smashed glass around unfortunately but we'll clear that eventually. We also nicked some amazing bits of wood from a skip round the corner and bought some slug pellets and poles whilst the shop was still open.
Dave planted 30 potatoes and finished off the posts for his tomato frame.
I cleared the front patch by the greenhouse for carrots and my mange tout and we cleared even more mares tail by the first potato patch to get as many spuds in as possible. We're just sticking them in and praying that the mares tail is weakened enough so that they grow okay. Fingers crossed!
In the patch that Karl was digging - he accidentally hit a rather large egg! We do have some ducks, geese and swans nearby but we couldn't tell what type it was? It looked fairly large with a blue/green ish colour. We think a fox might have stolen it and buried it to eat later. Unless birds have started laying eggs under soil???! If you know - please post!!

We have a dry greenhouse again!! Yeay!
Dave putting in the final screw
The sun setting and reflecting inside the greenhouse.
Mystery, goose, swan, other?
The size of the egg compared to my feet. (I'm a size 3!)
Potato patch
New Potatoes in crate

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