Monday, April 28, 2008

Slug Slamming...

Ahh, another weekend trip at the lotty. This is such a regular thing now! We're very good this year!!
Beds have been raked over, tomatoes and courgettes are in the ground, potatoes are in and raised, bed prepared for leeks, my salad is popping up and mange tout has also sprouted in the greenhouse. Whoopie!!
Our slug traps are also doing VERY well! I must have tipped out about 50+ slugs per cider pot that Dave placed in our trenches. We are getting small ones too so it's obviously getting them young!
We have also tried picking them off a pallet on the grass too and we usually get at least 20 each time so we're doing well in keeping the population down. :D
I did pick off the slugs and slam them hard with some thick wood but they just exploded and I got slug guts over my front. Yuck! I'll use some sort of plastic barrier next time as it's a bit disgusting but very effective.
I know - it's revolting but the boys won't touch them without gloves or kill them.

Mange Tout? Carrots and Courgettes in here
Tomatoes under plastic
Rusty bin moved away from greenhouse door. Next stop - the skip!
Leek bed
Tomato cover
Small slugs that have drunk themselves to peril. Cider really works!!

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Melanie Rimmer said...

Urgh - slug guts. Stick with the cider instead. I would.