Friday, April 04, 2008

Potato patch

Karl, Dave and me went up the plot last night as the day was probably the best we've had all year so far! Possibly temperatures close to the 20's and gorgeous sun all day. It was fabulous but we were all in work until the afternoon so we had a small amount of time to sort out the potato ground.
We dug part of the back of the plot and lifted up many perennial weeds which were lurking beneath. We decided not to attempt to remove all weeds but get the ground ready for potatoes which can cope with a bit of weed better than most plants. They compete quite well.
We discussed the greenhouse and we will fix it when we know we can get hold of some plastic. It may be a cost but the greenhouse is in a bit of a poor state at the moment. :(
Dave has managed to create walls around the beds with the pallets I left on the plot so slugs have a harder job getting to the beds. I've got more to take up today. :)
The plot is looking the best ever for this time of year and it's nice to have a selection of beds to plant in!
Let's just hope we have a successful harvest!

Dave examines his onions
Dave pointing...
The sorry state of the greenhouse with 3 panes smashed.
Perennial weed hunting

Not bad for an afternoon's work!
Karl and Dave caught red-handed slacking off and drinking. :D
"I love digging!"

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! My fiance and I don't have any land so we have started growing fruits and vegetables in containers. We wanted to try potatoes but space is pretty limited.