Monday, April 14, 2008

Newspaper Pots

I've been hunting for a decent newspaper pot tutorial for ages. Lots of them seem to use jars of varying sizes which to me just looks a bit fiddly. I also don't like the idea of 'crushing' the bases as this will probably make the pots a bit wonky when standing up.
I have found an excellent solution tho. I'm a bit of a fan of origami so this tutorial was just brilliant.
The tutorial is modified from a box-origami template so it's very well made and secure. (I've just made one tested out of A4 paper and it works well!) I think I'll be busy with old newspapers this evening!!

EDIT: (21st April 08): Have some paperclips handy to keep the flaps down on the sides until you plant out. Just a bit of extra strength on the sides!

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Anonymous said...

good timing, I was just about to start hunting for a paper pot tutorial myself!