Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Planting

I've got tomatoes, aubergines, leeks, mange tout, mixed salad, sweet peppers, sweetcorn and (as of this week) climbing french beans planted at the house until they are transported. They're all along my windowsill in neat little containers so that they are warm and sunny plus I have more in my mini-greenhouse. :)
Tomatoes are on their second set of leaves, leeks are about 2 inches tall, mange tout has germinated (I had to dig and have a look - naughty I know!). It's all coming along nicely and we should be able to start planting out soon.
Tomatoes (cherry)

Take-away salad boxes are great for heating up aubergines!
Newspaper pots - I find a paperclip or two helps to keep them secure until you plant out
Mini greenhouse
Must remember to sort out chives!!

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