Thursday, March 27, 2008

More wind wreaks havoc!

The weather forecast said that we would get a blustery and cold Easter...

...they weren't wrong.
Easter has been especially early as well as cold, windy and miserable. Luckily enough I was away over this weekend but Karl and Dave managed to go up the lotty and do some fantastic handiwork. The strawberries have been moved, plots dug and seeded, new compost bin. Great stuff going on.

BUT...high, fast winds have destroyed the greenhouse (again!!) and now it has no roof. 3 panes of glass smashed and now the rain is getting in. We desperately need some plastic poly sheets to fix these sections. Out with the drill....again!!
Left, middle and below sky window panes broken. :(
New onion / shallot patch
Patches and chippings sectioned off
Beautiful rainbow in the pouring rain (video to follow!)

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