Thursday, March 27, 2008

I saw the most amazing rainbow on the allotment last week. I had only popped up to empty my compost caddy. It was pouring with rain and I just stood and stared whilst getting soaked. Video does not give it justice - it was fabulous. :)

More wind wreaks havoc!

The weather forecast said that we would get a blustery and cold Easter...

...they weren't wrong.
Easter has been especially early as well as cold, windy and miserable. Luckily enough I was away over this weekend but Karl and Dave managed to go up the lotty and do some fantastic handiwork. The strawberries have been moved, plots dug and seeded, new compost bin. Great stuff going on.

BUT...high, fast winds have destroyed the greenhouse (again!!) and now it has no roof. 3 panes of glass smashed and now the rain is getting in. We desperately need some plastic poly sheets to fix these sections. Out with the drill....again!!
Left, middle and below sky window panes broken. :(
New onion / shallot patch
Patches and chippings sectioned off
Beautiful rainbow in the pouring rain (video to follow!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Plan

I seem to have glossed over our new plan for 2008!! Whoops!

Dave has put together a plan (which we discussed in the Albany) a few weeks ago. It includes the slug barrier - affectionately called the "Maginot Line" by Dave. Trust me, no German slugs will be storming this defense!
We also have the NEW compost bin drawn up. (We're ahead on this one as it's practically finished!)
We have established a new plan whereby everything on the East is called E1, E2 etc and the same for the West W1, W2 etc. Beer Space has been mentioned (VERY IMPORTANT!!) but this can also be called BBQ Space for summer or whatever social activity seems fit for purpose?!
Strawberries have been moved to plots W5 & W6 by Karl, Shallots and Onions are in W1 & W2.
Chips and Poo are on their way although we have a lot of chips already. Broad beans (yes, I know it says board beans on the plan) will be Karl's domain and we're giving asparagus another go in the same place.
Tomatoes, Aubergines and Leeks are in seed trays and I've also acquired some chives from dad. Thanks dad! :)
All we need now is some decent weather...!!
(Click on the plan images to see larger pics)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spuds, Wind and Pallets

Spuds are 'chitting' on the window sill. I've moved them into egg boxes since the photo was taken. (I know an egg-man!) and they're cosily snuggled in together. I love how 'chitting' is the gardener's term for what most of us class as "gone off spuds". Except these are seed potatoes of course...I know... :D

Due to the appalling weather, the wind has knocked off our greenhouse door and damaged a panel so now the greenhouse is not so secure any more. Back out with the drill!

I've also made my car suffer Caerphilly mountain with 5 pallets and 75 litres of compost in the boot. If my car could talk it would be swearing at me I'm sure. However, this does mean that we can start putting the second compost bin together as the other one is nearly full!

Digging is still the fashionable past time for me, Dave and Karl at the plot. We're not bored of it (honest!!). ;)
We've really put a lot of effort in so far and it's all coming together quite nicely. Wilkinson's are doing a lot of fruit trees for £2! (Yes, you heard correctly - £2!) and we have picked up some lovely potatoes to plant in a few weeks. Mainly King Edward main crops and some New Potatoes called 'Nicola?'

It's simply a race to get seedlings started and the ground sorted in time to plant out next month. Plus it'll be BST soon!! Hallelujah!!