Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time to clean up the greenhouse - it's been thrown around over winter!

Unfortunately we have a few massive panes of glass / poly missing which encourages the wind to have a mini tornado in our greenhouse / shed over the winter months. Time for a quick clean up and to brush all the tools down.
The plot is looking a bit sorry for itself and the grass has decided to creep over the edges onto our beds which is going to be annoying to remove. The second compost bin needs to be built urgently as our primary one is rather full and we cannot access the lovely rotten stuff at the bottom. The metal compost bin that blew over last year will have to be rebuilt at some point. Dave's made a cracking start on the mare's tail that has taken over the rear of the plot but hopefully that will all be sorted soon and we can possibly put some strawberries in there? Just a few days of hard work should do the trick! :)

A bit grassy...
Grass has creeped over the trenches
Compost bin No 2 needs to be put in here somewhere.

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