Friday, February 29, 2008

This week I will mostly be filling my compost bin...

I've been meaning to get one of these compost caddies for ages but living in a shared house brings issues when you tell your flat mates that you have the desire keep your peelings!
Well - bugger em. I'm keeping my crap and I'm going to make nice rotten goo-ey stuff with it!
Dave got his from Lakeland Limited (the tall green one) for £5. It comes with a filter and a very tight finger slotting system on the handle. My hands fit perfectly but my hands are pretty small tho!

The second caddy is a short, fat one that has a clip lid. It's not too exciting and it's the same type that (if you're lucky enough) your council will deliver for you. Cardiff council is not particularly good at 'environmental' issues so we get nowt. The short caddy costs £3.99 from B&Q.

By the way - many thanks for all your posts about the slug plan! We did sit down in the pub and discuss it. Dave thought that the slugs would go round it. (Are they really that clever?) Karl thought that the cider would be better off in small deep pots rather than guttering as they'll be attracted to the cider anyway and the deeper pots means that they will drown. Only time will tell...

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