Thursday, February 07, 2008

I would like to grow...

I've been having a think...kinda difficult as I have a miserable cold (again!!) but never-the-less a thought about veggies.
What would I like to grow?
Well...we have already discussed in the Albany over a few glasses of port what we can grow but in the back of my mind I know what I'd like to try out.
1) Mange Tout (absolutely got to try this - so long as I am ready to prevent bird-attacks!)
2) Leeks (Infected last year so I want to try again)
3) Herbs (Kitchen window or small towering pots - either will do)
4) Peppers (I have the seeds so this will be a new challenge!)
5) Aubergine (I'm determined to have more than one this year!)
6) Cherry Tomatoes (They were a disaster last year)

In fact - last year was just rubbish in general as it just rained solidly from April until September so I can't really beat myself up over a few vegetable disasters. The UK is just crap at good weather!!
Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) we'll have a decent plot this year with lots of new veg to try.

NOTE TO SELF: We very rarely need to plant as many runner beans as we did last year. (and the year before!)

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Anonymous said...

Mange tout - dead easy and yummmy :D
I recommend 'gardeners delight' cherry toms, taste gorgeous, easy to grow. Don't worry about last year, did anybody grow anything?? :)