Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pumpkin Head

We pulled up the massive orange pumpkin that was nestled by the cherry tree. It was a fairly large one and Karl can't resist the scarecrow look! We also got the last marrow and pulled up the dead plants left over from the runner beans and various other decaying matter that we planted and forgot about. :(
We have made a plan for next year... we prepared it over some port in the Albany pub! :D
Garlic is the first to go in (Karl is in charge of Broad Beans as me and Dave are fed up of them). The rest are earlies and April sowing so we need to get the seeds in.
Unfortunately it has rained CONSTANTLY for the past 6 weeks and more is to come so there has been a massive gap between November and January. The weather is just pants. :(

Unfortunately, the pumpkin and marrow turned to mush in storage. They had simply been pulled up too late and I think they were rotten from the cold too. Bugger.

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