Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something has piddled in my welly!

Hmmm...when you put your foot in your welly and it goes 'crunch' you know something isn't right. In my case, something that I suspect is small and furry has been using my wellies as storage for seeds. Sunflower seeds as well - OUR sunflowers seeds!! Never ever leave seeds in a greehouse - they get nibbled on, stored and piddled over. My wellies reek of something amonia-like and it's not pretty.
Karl thought it was cute but my wellies were wet, smelly and awkward to wear. Humph!
Yes, this is the moment I found seeds in my welly!

Something took all the seeds from the sunflowers...and moved them into my wellies.

Mushroom Risotto anyone?

We pulled up the last of the sunflowers and cleaned up what we could. I've kept the seeds somewhere safer. :)

It's starting to die down now...ready for winter.