Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September and it's all overgrown!!

Really tall sunflowers!! These are great - Some of their heads are enormous! Most have dropped their heads now so I'm collecting seeds for eating / sowing next year. :)
Pumpkins are doing well but I still fear slug damage! I've dug up the cherry tomato plants as they were in the runner bean shade and thus died. I'll remember next time where I plant things so that they are not next to giant plants!
Yellow courgettes have been lovely (especially in curries!) and the runner beans have been bonkers as usual!
I'd like to run peas up the sunflowers next year as they have grown really well and some have great supports.

This is our second largest sunflower and the bees love it!
Pumpkin turning orange!!

Yummy yellow courgettes!

Hmm...sweetcorn damage. Mice? Birds?

Bzzzzz zzzzz zzzzz
Standard courgette
Lots and lots and lots of runner beans!!

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