Sunday, August 12, 2007

August growth

Has the rain stopped? As well all know it has been the worst summer on record and the slugs have loved it. We've lost some lovely beans, the carrots have been attacked, squashes have barely grown and the tomatoes were a disaster. Could be worse tho - there are instances of blight occurring all over the country!! (Glad we didn't plant any potatoes!)
On the other hand tho - we've dug back more of the plot this year and (Disco) Dave is now helping out with the development of the plot. He's been building contraptions and helping to fix the greenhouse. :)
All the sunflowers that Karl went a bit crazy with have popped up too...

Tallest sunflower at the back of the greenhouse
Dave's "sifting soil" contraption - you plonk in the soil and shake it for weeds with a sieve.
Runner bean bush!
I spent about 30 minutes to get this stupid trapped bird out from the netting on the next door neighbour's plot. They truly are daft creatures!
Beer traps Welsh style - Give em a bit of 'bow (Strongbow) and they love it and die! No wasting decent beer - give em cheapo cider!

Slug damage - aarrgghhh!!

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