Friday, June 22, 2007

Blackfly, Beans, Bottles and Booty

It's all growing but being attacked at the moment! Climbing french beans aren't climbing much, blackfly has invaded the broad beans again, turnips are being nibbled by something but the carrots are doing brilliantly!
Runner beans are also getting a fair amount of blackfly but I'm getting myself up the allotment as much as I can spray the buggers off with washing up liquid mixed with water. Broad beans have been hit hard and you can see the damage they cause in a week. Hate them!!
We stuck all the beer bottles and cans from the BBQ on top of the bean frame to keep the birds off - they poop on the leaves! Onions, courgettes, sunflowers and tomatoes are also doing rather well. Will have to stake the tomatoes before they get heavy with fruit and flop over. (One thing that annoys me about tomatoes is that they are a bit flawed - top heavy with thin stalks - daft really!)
The back of the plot is gradually being dug up and progress is starting to happen. Now that I have my booties I can squelch in the muddy bits and get all that couch grass out!
Both myself and Karl have picked all the strawberries (bucket loads!) and Karl is now making Strawberry Wine in his demi-john pot thing.

Climbing french beans...errr?
Nibbled Turnips
Prize winning carrots maybe?
Ill looking broad beans
The perils of blackfly - blackened stems and leaves
Runners gradually climbing
More carrots!
Onions & Shallotts
Yellow fruiting courgette - should be interesting?!
Bottles and cans keeping the birds off with their 'reflecting' qualities
Cherry tomato plant
Looking green and plentiful!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Strawberries Galore!

Strawberries which Karl is making wine with!

Get a welly on!

I've had to take a brave step and buy some plain old green wellies. No flowers or purple stripes, just plain old wellies. With so much rain going on at the mo I need something waterproof on my feet! I'm going to have to decorate them somehow tho!
Karl and Dave are off to Glastonbury so of course they're wellied out too! :D

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Allotted Time

I've started reading this book called "Allotted Time" which I picked up in the Fopp DVD/CD Shop on Queen Street. It's actually a refreshing read as you can sympathise with the two guys desperately clearing land to grow veg.
They build a shed with the conditions that it cost no more than £10 and be able to house both of them to drink tea and talk bollocks. Their quest to define the difference between a shrub and a tree as well as their discovery of God who is in fact, Bob Flowerdew!