Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lots of space and lots of seeds!

We've managed another trip up the lotty!! All is going so well that we can even pick and choose our beds this year. It's great how far we've got getting the plot ready. I assembled this 8' x 10' frame at the weekend which is quite an achievement for a 5'3" short arse! I balanced on a chair to tie the tops!
I put the runner bean plants from the seed bed into place by the frames and gave them a good watering. There's manure under all of them so they should be good. Unfortunately a couple seem to have black fly so we'll have to spray them some time this week. :(
Karl put down some paths with some pine needles which were on offer at the bottom of the hill. Nice and spongy!
I took the nets off the broad beans and also planted some sunflowers by the greenhouse. Fingers crossed we get some nice tall ones this year!!
We've also scattered some pumpkins in between the black plastic at the back of the plot and put some butternut squashes in the middle of the bean structures. We have a teepee shaped structure at the front of the plot for some climbing french beans. The slugs seem to be hot on the trail of these seedlings tho so it's a bit of a battle!

Bean poles up and ready!!
Karl laying down the path
Pre-grown seedlings of runner beansTansy popped up for a rest after her and Karl's afternoon run.
Left-hand side of plot is doing spectacularly well
Our small teepee climbing french bean at the front of the plot
Greenhouse from the side
Hidden in the plastic we have pumpkins on the go....this will be interesting!
Cherries starting to show!!
Carrotts getting a bit bigger
Uncovered broad beans

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Everything is growing!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Having moved house and bought a new car I've been delayed on the blog front so I'm a bit behind! Luckily - Karl has been an eager beaver and has been busy tidying up the plot by digging and planting. He's done a stunning job and everything is starting to pop up! :)
The broadbeans that I planted are about a foot high already - incredible! I've plonked in a few more seeds where some failed to grow. The shallots are sprouting nicely...we had fun keeping these seeds in the ground as the birds kept pulling them up! (Mistaken identity for a worm we think!) Turnips are coming up but the moluscs are having fun snacking on these as they're right by a wooden step which I think the sluggys sleep in. They're the first thing they see when they wake up! :(
The brocolli has gone to seed with lots of small yellow flowers and the strawberries have flowered too. Even the carrots by the greenhouse are doing rather well and you can just see their tips poking through! Apples are starting to grow too....the joys of spring!

Sprouting Shallots
Turnips, Kohl Rabi & Fennel

Brocolli in flower (we'll save the seeds!)
Strawberries in bloom
Broad beans coming up

"Les carrottes"
Early Apples