Thursday, April 12, 2007

Against all odds

Me and Karl have excelled ourselves this week. We've replanted the turnips which died, added some kohl rabbi (??) and some fennelly stuff. Don't ask- Karl planted it!!
I've replanted the parsnips where the soil had previously dried out and also put in shallots (red and white), onion (red and white), spring onion and garlic. :)
We have a few more bits of land ready too for potential sunflowers by the greehouse, plus raspberry canes and we're still thinking about where to put the Leeks.
It hasn't all been smooth running however, I'm currently looking for a new pair of wellies as my car was stolen and the wellies went with it! Left them in the boot unfortunately. :(

Soooo...need a new car and new wellies. All whilst moving house - joy!

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