Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wind wreaks havoc

I went up the plot on Saturday to do some digging but found to my horror that my polytunnel had vanished! My brand new lovely tunnel had been blown away. No holes in the ground from where it had been - no marks of any kind. I was furious. Apparently anything that is not pinned down with bricks is prone to disappearing as we are on a very windy part of the plot. One of the committee members said that every year he hears about poly tunnels disappearing and said that he had 37 bean plants blow away in the night. He has now resorted to cementing his posts into the ground.
I noticed that the fleecing had also shifted and had exposed the newly tipped broadbeans which were peering out. They are doing well but they were now exposed to birds so I built a frame. It was admittedly a bit tall but I made a temporary measure until the next day as I had to get back for the rugby.
By the next day the wind had snapped one of the posts and the netting was all over the place. The fleecing had moved again and I was losing my temper rapidly. Whilst I tried to put things right the weather decided to turn to the worst and rained heavily for a while before hailing a bucket load for about 20 mins. I sat in the greenhouse getting more and more annoyed.
I hate this sodding country for the damn weather at the best of times but I'm MAD!!

I've decided to not bother with the frame as apparently another frost is on its way and I couldn't find the saw to make the posts shorted. I got as many stones as I could and pinned the fleece down yet again. I also put some fleece over the area where the poly tunnel was protecting the turnips. It's a last attempt in vain to try and save the little turnips. (Deep down I think they are dead but this is my last attempt at hope.)

I've also put down some long stems of holly to keep the cats off the parsnips. The little buggers have been using my freshly dug soil as a place to sit and generally annoy me. It was either holly or an air gun.

The wind damage caused in 24hrs
Poly Tunnel no more :(
Later than late brocolli
Bare plot
Rhubarb popping up
Cats can keep off my parsnips!!!!

The only good news I 'might' have is that I know someone who works on building sites and has said that he can get some: Bricks, Rubber tubing and maybe some wood for me. Now that would make me happy. :)