Sunday, February 18, 2007

First seeds

Broad beans, Turnips and Parsnips are the first seeds to be planted out for 2007. (Well...unless Karl planted something I don't know about?) I've laid out 3 sections for broad beans where the tomatoes were last year. There's still a bit of space left for some more beans...french ones maybe? There were 2 types of bean that I put in: Bunyards Exhibition & Aquadulce Claudia.
Turnips are planned for a nice early crop. I put in some Purple Top White Globe versions and covered them with a poly tunnel to keep them warm. (Many thanks to Kay & John for the tunnel - a Christmas gift.) I've put the tunnel near the front of the plot where we had our poor sprouting runner beans and grass.
Last of all I put in some more parsnips by the greenhouse. Karl had already dug in the mustard plants so the section just needed a bit of a rake over and levelling. I put in 2 types: Giant Parsnip & Hollow Crown.
Can't wait to plant more!!
We will clear the back of the plot...eventually. (Pond put on the back burner for a bit)
I've started to dig up the weeds at the back...getting there...sort of!
This is what the winds did to one of our compost bins a few weeks ago.
Is that can't be....a Purple Sprouting Broccoli? About time!!
Freshly dug and waiting for seeds!

Mustard popped up and ready to be mixed into the soil.
A gardener's joy...a poly tunnel!
Broad bean plantation
Nice and cosy now...
Turnips under cover

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