Saturday, February 03, 2007

Digging the back of the plot

Sorry I have no photos - I think my camera is completely dead and I forgot my phone! :(

We've been gradually digging through the back of the plot where we had plastic down and we've been pulling up a fair amount of Mare's Tail. It's the only weed I know that if left wet and under exposed to the sun (i.e. under plastic) it looks like a collection of really long slimy worms! YUCK!
Anyways - I started a patch and was really getting into the swing of things until I realised the 6 Nations was on and had to leg it home. (Come can't blame me for that!)

The next day (Sunday) was hell as I realised I was bogged down with a heavy cold. I wasn't going anywhere which really annoyed me! I hate being ill. I was even off work for a day which isn't like me at all!
I can breathe properly now so I'm hoping to finish that patch this weekend if....'s not snowing!! (4 inches this morning and more to come)

Not sure if snow is a good or bad thing?

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Melanie Rimmer said...

Is snow a good or a bad thing? Well I could go on at length about climate change, about the benefits for the garden of frost breaking up the clods of earth versus killing off any early buds, survival of pests and predators. But if you want it in a nutshell I'd have to say - at least it's less depressing than all the bl**dy rain.