Monday, January 22, 2007

Blown down

We ventured up the plot today to find that everything had been thrown around by the horrendous winds and storms we've had over the past week. Everything in the greenhouse was on the floor, the metal compost bin had fallen over and the broccoli fence had blown down at a funny angle. It was a relief that nothing was smashed but the day ended short with a hail shower and then heavy rain. It's almost as though the weather doesn't want us to work on the plot!
I tried to photograph the wind damage but my camera's batteries were dead and I forgot my phone!
In the evening - Karl made a plan for the 2007 rotation and layout which involves (potentially!) a pond! Although I'm in charge of sorting that out. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More crap weather

What is it with this country?? Rain, rain and Oooh...I know, more rain again!

Geez.. even my car boot is leaking!
When it does stop raining it then blows 30mph gales in the freezing cold which is really annoying. I have a cold, stuffed up ears, a damp car and I haven't seen the lotty for weeks! Fed up already. I'm going on holiday in March so I can hopefully have a few days (weather permitting) to do some digging and seeding and then have a break abroad in the sun.
I can't remember the last time the sun shone...was it in July? :(