Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cleaning up and digging out

Apologies for not blogging here for a while. Blogger was playing up recently and I couldn't upload any images. Grr!! Finally managed to post today tho but these photos are from the 17th-24 Sept. (a touch late!!) Okay - progress so far:
We have a gorgeous purple aubergine but I don't know how well it is going to survive in the greenhouse? We also have a bucket or two of manure which is great! We should have the best soil ever next year! I also took up the opportunity to clear out the greenhouse as it was full of rubbish and the plastic from the ground was completely ripped up and letting in bind weed! I filled in all the cracks where the soil had dried and put down mulch. It looks much better!
I have also been sorting out all the tomato plants which have fallen over everywhere and the slugs have been feasting on. We've had some pretty lovely tomatoes this year but eating them quick enough has been a task! They grow too quick! I have also quite brutally trimmed the squashes as they were growing in the road and just taking up far too much space. They grow like crazy!! We noticed a couple of butternut squashes as well but they were still quite small and green. We completely forgot that we had planted some!! We're now getting to the time of year when we eat the last of the produce and collect the seeds. We didn't go up the lotty last weekend (beginning of October) as Karl had 3 parties to go to and I was canoeing the river Wye. We're going back up today (8th Oct) to see if everything is holding up and whether the birds have stolen our sweetcorn or not?! Fingers crossed it's all OK!


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