Sunday, July 23, 2006

Onions, beans & currants

It's produce time! We've pulled up some onions (some very big - some tiny?!) and also picked some red currants (delicious!). We're just getting to the very end of the broad beans now as the black fly kinda became a bit too much to handle! (Need something more effective than washing up liquid I suspect?) I also picked some black currants which were growing wild just off the allotment car track. Gave myself a few cuts and scratches trying to get through that bramble but the currants were very sweet. I pulled up a few Maris Pipers too but I think it was a bit early for them. Quite small still. We have a couple of apple trees which the neighbours kindly said we could share as the apples are dropping on both sides of our plots. Very sweet apples - a bit like a cox apple but not quite. There are also pears on the go but they are still a bit on the small side. It's all flourishing quite nicely!

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