Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All in flower!!

It's all go up the allotment! Runner beans have shot up, flowers in bloom and a small toad was discovered on one of the pallets! It's mildly exciting...!

The sunflowers have been hard work this year - weathered, eaten, poor growth but these 2 made it and I'm quite proud!

Hopefully some yummy seeds await?

Sweetcorn doing very well!

Squashes (and weeds - oops!)

Runner beans shooting up ever higher!

I had to pull up the rhubarb before it seeded over the whole plot! Quite pretty seeds tho.

If there was ever an allotment miracle it would be this lettuce. I found it sat quite tall and plump amongst the bed that was the slugs' favourite eating venue. We planted about 50 lettuce seeds here and all were destroyed - apart from this little one that made it! I took it home before anything else noticed it!

Must remember to put a net on the cherry tree next year - the birds got there before us!

Huge brocolli - not long now... maybe?

Tomatoes that have not turned red just yet!

Shared Apple tree with the neighbours.

The toad...hopefully feasting on slugs!

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