Sunday, July 23, 2006

Onions, beans & currants

It's produce time! We've pulled up some onions (some very big - some tiny?!) and also picked some red currants (delicious!). We're just getting to the very end of the broad beans now as the black fly kinda became a bit too much to handle! (Need something more effective than washing up liquid I suspect?) I also picked some black currants which were growing wild just off the allotment car track. Gave myself a few cuts and scratches trying to get through that bramble but the currants were very sweet. I pulled up a few Maris Pipers too but I think it was a bit early for them. Quite small still. We have a couple of apple trees which the neighbours kindly said we could share as the apples are dropping on both sides of our plots. Very sweet apples - a bit like a cox apple but not quite. There are also pears on the go but they are still a bit on the small side. It's all flourishing quite nicely!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


OMG! It's boiling hot! It's utterly sticky, humid and just plain HOT! Allotment is suffering a little so I watered it last night in hope that it will perk up a bit. There are loads of things coming up beautifully but we've also slightly neglected the plot so the broad beans have been massacred by the black fly and weeds are all over the shop! I'm hoping to make a trip at the weekend to clean it up.

As you can see from BBC weather - it is 'officially' a heatwave!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All in flower!!

It's all go up the allotment! Runner beans have shot up, flowers in bloom and a small toad was discovered on one of the pallets! It's mildly exciting...!

The sunflowers have been hard work this year - weathered, eaten, poor growth but these 2 made it and I'm quite proud!

Hopefully some yummy seeds await?

Sweetcorn doing very well!

Squashes (and weeds - oops!)

Runner beans shooting up ever higher!

I had to pull up the rhubarb before it seeded over the whole plot! Quite pretty seeds tho.

If there was ever an allotment miracle it would be this lettuce. I found it sat quite tall and plump amongst the bed that was the slugs' favourite eating venue. We planted about 50 lettuce seeds here and all were destroyed - apart from this little one that made it! I took it home before anything else noticed it!

Must remember to put a net on the cherry tree next year - the birds got there before us!

Huge brocolli - not long now... maybe?

Tomatoes that have not turned red just yet!

Shared Apple tree with the neighbours.

The toad...hopefully feasting on slugs!