Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day Twenty...?

We've got a truly fantastic crop of strawberries growing at the moment. Me & Karl have scoffed most of them already! They are really sweet and look very red! We've got 2 teepee pea canes up and 1 runner bean teepee too. Squashes have started to pop up really nicely and the broccoli has so-far survived under nets and surrounded by slug pellets. (They work really well!!)
The tomatoes in the green house have been moved outside under plastic and I've also moved the sunflowers which were housed indoors as well. I'm thinking that this was perhaps not a good idea as they have already flopped over and don't look very happy. (Fingers crossed they perk up a bit!)
I've also brought my aubergines out to plant in the greenhouse but we've run out of room for them so we are hoping to clear out the greenhouse at some point to make more room. The broad beans are ready for eating and are growing really well. Black fly has been a bit of a nuisance but otherwise - everything is doing remarkably well!


Runner beans in tee-pee.

Really superb greenery!



Runner beans!

Tomatoes & 2 Sunflowers ready to go outside.

My aubergines. I'm so proud!

Broad beans ready for eating.

Tomatoes under plastic to keep in heat and protect from birds.