Monday, May 01, 2006

Day Sixteen

Only a small trip this weekend to the allotment to dig the patch for runner beans and to plant my broccoli seedlings. Karl has been pretty thorough with the digging recently and I have continued digging the plot today as well - seems to go on forever!
I planted my broccoli seedlings out under plastic bottles in the patch where the spinach and asparagus were laid and pulled out a few slugs which were hiding under the rhubarb. Speaking of the rhubarb - it definately needs a good trimming! It's got flowers shooting up on huge stems and it's quite imposing on the patch it's sitting on. Looks like we'll be giving it a trim this week?
Karl has also planted his broccoli out but it's looking a little wind damaged. We're keeping fingers crossed tho.
On a sad note - all the marigolds we planted the other week have been eaten!! They were all gone when I looked at the parsnip patch and it looks like slugs took a liking to them. Luckily I have some seedlings on the go in my new mini greenhouse at home!
On the good side - the potatoes are doing really well!

It's all green!

Potatoes growing fast!

Rather large rhubarb!

Broccoli seedlings

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