Monday, May 08, 2006

Day Seventeen & Eighteen

I'm ill. But I'm still digging!!

Got the worst of a cold this week which isn't any fun but I still managed to get some work done at A21. (Most of it down to Karl tho as he's put in 500% more work than me!)
  • Everything has been watered - twice. Plus it rained.
  • We've taken about 7 wheelbarrow loads of wood chips from the top of the hill to the plot. It was FREE!
  • Dug the trenches for the runner beans. (put decomposed composting material and newspaper in trenches to keep soil very moist and full of rotting nutrients)
  • Karl planted sunflowers, red onions plus some other flowers. (sorry - can't remember name!) Plus some Pink banana Squash?!
  • Trimmed the rhubarb. (Going to make crumble I think?!)
  • Made some more space for potato growing. (half finished)
  • Moved the broad beans further into the frame as the birds are pecking at the sides by the netting!
  • Kindly received 4 courgette plants from A23. Currently in my mini greenhouse.
  • Had more mulch dumped at the front of plot for weed control.
  • Had wellie compliments from neighbour. :)
Back at home I've moved half the tomatoes into the mini greenhouse into grow bags and put the other half in the kitchen.


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