Friday, May 12, 2006

Day Nineteen

We have runner bean frames now! Woo-Hoo! I'm sure we'll have to stick nets over these fellas soonish but it's looking sturdy and promising. Karl has a good feeling about the beans so fingers crossed!
Karl has made a lovely sitting area from all the woodchips we collected the other week. It's amongst the potatoes so it's in quite a nice area next to the greenhouse.
Strawberries are flowering so we are looking for some straw now to protect the fruits from slugs.
New hoe and rake generously given to me by grandad is much appreciated as they are superb for breaking up soil - rake is quite a scary looking tool but it works a treat! :)
We've planted 4 of my tomato plants in the soil in the greenhouse floor (it's an experiment!!) and I planted the large Rosemary (from dad) in the herb section of the allotment. We've got some mint as well but we haven't found anywhere for it yet.
The mini greenhouse that I've got at home is absolutely brimming with greenery so I think this will need to be emptied into the allotment at some point. Tomatoes are growing like mad and the courgettes are trying to escape!

Runner bean frames

Another view of the greenery

Scary rake

Sitting area

Strawberries in flower

Potatoes growing up! (3 tyres high)

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