Monday, March 20, 2006

Day Eleven & Twelve

WOW! It's a miracle! The broadbeans are Alive-O! They sprouted under the fleece after we forgot about them and assumed they had rotted! They look fab! We've built a temporary shelter to keep the birds off them from an unused greenhouse table frame and some netting. We had a very productive weekend this week as we manged to get a lot of jobs done. Karl has planted some shallots and also some onions with the garlic already growing nearby. I've moved all the top soil to the back of the allotment to make space for a sitting (and drinking beer!) area by the greenhouse and to also put some built up tyres which we will grow potatoes in. I cleared the weeds by the greenhouse and moved back some plastic to expose the soil to some sun. We'll put mulch down here at some point but not until we've shifted the weeds which have slithered along during the winter under the plastic. Karl has done a fabulous job too getting the ground ready for more planting as he's growing more seed at home for future planting out. It's going REALLY well!
We even visited another allotment off Colchecter Avenue (near Newport Rd in Cardiff) and saw some damaged garlic from some rather hungry rabbits! Karl has been swopping potatoes with a colleague and I think we're about ready to get the potatoes seeded in the tyres after some rather good advice. (Cheers Jimmy!) I forgot to mention that last week that Karl has sorted out the compost bin at the front of the allotment and it looks pretty smart!

Broad beans!!

8 piled up tyres ready for planting potatoes in. 4 varieties: Desire, Pentland Javelin, Picasso & Adora.

New compost bin!

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