Monday, January 09, 2006

Day Two

It's a bit slippy after a small shower of rain but we plodded on none-the-less. I tackled the part on the left whilst Karl moved his fork delicately around the rhubard area which you can just about see on the right. (brown foliage) We were going to plant some beans but with the rain it seemed a bit too wet. Plenty of weeds and worms to dig up anyway! Karl also dug up a beetroot that had been sat in the ground and we also found some spring onions!
I, on the other hand, dug up enough potatoes to make a chip shop blush! Tons of them!!

After a couple of hours we had a some beer but with it being soooo cold we had to drink it quickly before our fingers froze! Perhaps we should have the beer in the summer time and stick to cup-a-soup for the winter!! (The two tyres in the centre of the image are the basis for a pathway which we hope to get wood chips for as well.)

"I have a fork and I know how to use it!"

We're hoping to plant the beans next weekend as there is predicted rain on Tuesday but dry weather in the week up to 11°C. Fingers crossed for the weekend!

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