Monday, January 30, 2006

Day Seven

Bad News....the beans didn't make it! The rubbing of chins and "mmmm" sounds must have sounded the death-knell for the poor old beanies! We're going to make it into a seed bed now as the fleece will have warmed the soil. Poor old beans. :(

Karl dug up the last of the grass near the compost bins and I sat in the dried mud pulling all the bind weed out of the soil. Jenny joined us again but both her and Karl had errr... "alcohol-induced headaches!" so neither were really feeling particularly energetic! We smashed up the rest of the soil blocks and pulled out the worst of the bind weed, potatoes and onions. Found a couple of shallots lurking in the soil too!
Jenny placed composted wood chippings onto the garlic and Karl planted another strawberry plant ready to be moved to a bed which we're still working on. I started forking up the soil near the greenhouse and by the edge of the path to get out the bind weed and couch grass. Honestly... you wouldn't believe how much bind weed there is!! Arrghhh!!

We ended the day discussing the most enjoyable ways of killing slugs. Hot soapy water, beer traps, coffee and vinegar spray. Once I've tackled the bind weed I'll have these blighters to deal with next. Be prepared!

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